Eco-Friendly (And Fun!)
Make your vacation a green one with earth friendly 
adventures in Virginia Beach

Here in Virginia Beach, we welcome more than 3 million visitors each year, which is why we like to encourage our fun-loving families and friends visiting the area to participate in some eco-friendly (and fun!) activities during their stay. Help to preserve Virginia Beach's natural beauty by making your vacation a green one.

Kayaking - We know you're eager to get out on the water, so make kayaking your first adventure toward eco-exploration. There are plenty of places to rent a kayak, canoe or paddleboat, and there's nothing as serene as paddling out a ways and getting in touch the beauty of Virginia Beach's nature. Spend a couple hours kaying through the beautiful Rudee Inlet through Adventure Parasail & Rudee Inlet Jet Ski Company. If you want adventure, paddle out into the ocean and hang out with the fish dolphins or surfers.

Fishing - It's important to support the restaurants that provide local seafood to patrons, and one way to guarantee that the seafood is local is to catch it yourself! Virginia Beach is known as the striped bass capital of the world, and there are plenty of other local catches here including rockfish, tautog, flounder and tuna. At some restaurants, you can even bring your fresh catch, and they'll prepare it and serve it to you on the spot!

Hiking - Head to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, 9,250 acres situated on and around a thin strip of coastline, and enjoy a hike on their Bay Trail. While you're there, take part in their educational program, motivating people to learn maintenance of healthy ecosystems as well as conservation and enhancement of our fish and wildlife resources.

Stand Up Paddleboarding - Take to a new form of transportation by learning the popular pastime of stand up paddleboarding. The tranquil waters near the Chesapeake Bay are ideal for a relaxing tour that allows you to reconnect with nature as well as view some of the beautiful waterfront homes throughout the area. Sign up for lessons with VB SurfSessions, and a professional paddleboarder will show you how to maneuver around while also pointing out the natural wildlife. New for 2012 are paddleboard tours with focuses in nature, dolphins or cross fitness.

Surfing - This year marks the 100th anniversary of surfing in Virginia Beach. There will be many exciting activities throughout the summer to commemorate this gnarly occasion, and if you want to do a celebrating on your own, VB SurfSessions offer surf camps from the end of May through September, allowing visitors to gain the "Surfer's Knowledge" (water safety, surfing etiquette, terminology, meteorology, oceanography and more)!