Discover, South Beach

Where Sand and Surf Meets Shops, Parks and Fine Dining

The perfect meshing of quiet and cosmopolitan, this four-mile stretch is bursting with family friendly activities, a host of local shops and restaurants perfect for a girls’ weekend, and a wealth of parks and gardens to set the scene for a romantic afternoon with a loved one.

When you pass over the Rudee Inlet Bridge heading south from the Oceanfront with the Atlantic Ocean to your left and Owl’s Creek to your right, you are entering a very popular commercial destination only minutes from the resort area. At the base of the bridge, Pacific Avenue turns into General Booth Boulevard and the resort strip gives way to a quiet oceanfront neighborhood with Camp Pendleton to the east.

To the west is a wooded stretch of land buffering Owl’s Creek. Along this stretch are some of the area’s most famous attractions, including the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, MotorWorld and Ocean Breeze Waterpark. A great trail for biking, running and walking meanders through the woods parallel to the road, and a large boat ramp adjacent to the Virginia Aquarium offers up a scenic ocean view.

Just past Ocean Breeze and MotorWorld sits the Owl’s Creek Tennis Complex, Virginia Beach’s largest campgrounds, and Red Wing Park with its unique gardens. Continuing south will bring you to a mecca of shopping destinations and excellent eateries ranging from very casual to fine dining. This up-and-coming area of South Beach, Red Mill Commons, is located near Sandbridge Road and is one of the beach’s newest—and largest—shopping centers. The commercial area is also home to other entertainment and diversions, including a movie theater, skating rink, a recreational center and a number of service businesses.

Nestled between the bustling beaches at the Oceanfront and the lazy shores of Sandbridge, South Beach is a swiftly expanding area that blends seamlessly with its neighboring communities. Boasting everything from high-impact waterslides to lush parks and gardens, South Beach allows one to embrace the best of both worlds.

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