VistaGraphics, Inc. Company Bios

Randy Thompson, President and Publisher
Randy Thompson started VistaGraphics, Inc. in 1985. Today the company has grown into a full-service publishing firm that continues to evolve and to expand.
As the current publisher of more than 33 titles, VistaGraphics, Inc. continues to flourish, thanks to Randy’s understanding that the key to success is dedication and strong leadership. His more than twenty-five years of business experience has taught him that to thrive in the competitive market place, a company must remain flexible and adaptable.
It’s this same concept, combined with his competitive drive that continually encourages the expansion and growth of VistaGraphics. Randy is dedicated to adapting and diversifying the company’s products and titles on a regular basis by launching new hospitality publications, lifestyle magazines and interactive media efforts.
Today, Randy is just as enthusiastic and excited about the changing face of business as he was back in 1985. He attributes his success to team work and his strong sense of pride in his employees and products. By maintaining a work environment that is fun and creative, Randy created a company with the charm of a smaller business that the ability to compete with anyone.
Randy is a graduate of James Madison University with an MBA and a BBA in Business Administration.

Paul Brannock, Vice President of Sales & Distribution
Paul Brannock has been a member of the VistaGraphics family for more than 15 years and has played a major role in the company's growth, expansion and product development.
Upon graduating from Old Dominion University, Paul signed on as a Visitors Guide Account Executive in our Outer Banks market. Paul's dedication to excellence, combined with his commitment to quality, helped him foster relationships with advertisers, community leaders and hospitality officials that resulted in an increase in the distribution and visibility of the guide throughout the Outer Banks. His pursuits laid a strong foundation for the current team, which has surpassed the million dollar mark in product sales.
By 2000, when the company launched Hampton Roads Magazine, Paul moved to the lifestyle division and has grown and expanded Hampton Roads Magazine for the last decade.
And now as Vice President of Sales and Distribution, Paul contributes to every aspect of the company's daily operations and manages a talented team of sales, circulation, marketing and administrative professionals. With his acquired and extensive knowledge of the travel and hospitality industry combined with his dedication to the product line, Paul has greatly contributed to the overall success and stability that VistaGraphics enjoys.
Paul is a graduate of Old Dominion University with a BSBA in Business and a Minor in Marketing.

Jay Bellamy, Sales Manager, Corporate Trainer, Visitors Guide & Virginia Wine Lover
ay Bellamy has been a member of the VistaGraphics family for 12 years and has successfully moved up through the ranks to become one of the company's main decision makers.
As Sales Manager for Visitors Guide magazines and Virginia Wine Lover Magazine and as the company's Corporate Trainer, Jay is charged with hiring, training and overseeing all members of the sales team. He sets goals and quotas for each publication and tirelessly works to ensure, foster and support their success.
Currently managing a sales team of 12, Jay is dedicated to helping members of his team defy their personal expectations and face challenges head-on. The dedication and drive for success that Jay exudes is contagious and translates to his staff. He is hands-on with clients and continually works to implement effective advertising methods that will meet their needs.
It is this same determination that enables him to identify new opportunities for our company's growth. He has been instrumental in developing new products, identifying new markets and scoping out burgeoning talent.
During his tenure, Jay has played a fundamental role in revitalizing and growing one of our largest markets—the Outer Banks—by providing personalized attention to his clients, emphasizing quality and building relationships.
Jay is a graduate of University of Virginia's College at Wise and received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Melissa M. Stewart, Editor-in-Chief for Hampton Roads Magazine and Virginia Wine Lover Magazine
Melissa joined the VistaGraphics team in 2005 as Editor-in-Chief of the company's lifestyle publishing arm to oversee the editorial content for Hampton Roads Magazine and its ancillary consumer publications, including Hampton Roads Bride, HRM Beauty Book and Hampton Roads Dish.
Melissa manages the editorial department and a staff of 15-plus regular freelance writers and ensures the editorial produced reflects the magazine's goal of celebrating life in Hampton Roads and providing readers with a quality resource for arts and entertainment, fine dining, local issues and interests. Melissa also works closely with the Art Department to help produce layouts and a design that best reflects the content. During her tenure as editor, Melissa has initiated and created popular cover features and special issues including 20 Sensational Singles, Most Beautiful Women, The Pets Issue, The Transportation Issue, The Green Issue and the 10th Anniversary Issue.
In 2008, Melissa took on the additional role of Editor-in-Chief of the company's second major lifestyle publication, Virginia Wine Lover, covering food, wine and lifestyle throughout the commonwealth.
Melissa graduated from Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Communications in 2001 with a B.S. in Magazine Journalism and a B.A. in English and Textual Studies.

Patrick Evans-Hylton, Senior Editor for food and wine at Hampton Roads Magazine and Executive Editor at Virginia Wine Lover Magazine
Patrick Evans-Hylton, a Johnson & Wales-trained chef, is senior editor for food and wine at Hampton Roads Magazine and executive editor at Virginia Wine Lover magazine. His work appears in print, television and radio.
Evans-Hylton has penned several cookbook and food-themed history books, and is philanthropic with his time and talents with a number of causes, including mentoring students at Culinary Institute of Virginia, assisting with the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and volunteering for Buy Fresh Buy Local Hampton Roads.

Holly Watters, Corporate Art Director, Lead Designer
Holly Watters has been at the helm of VistaGraphics production department for nearly 20 years and has successfully built a production and design team that creates beautiful, quality and creative products.
From managing photography and production schedules to taking part in press runs, Holly continues to develop the VistaGraphics production department and improve the quality of our publications.
Through the years, Holly has developed an effective and efficient production process that encompasses members of the sales team, the traffic department and printing staff. By fostering strong communication with all parties involved and managing the workflow of more than a dozen employees, she successfully meets and exceeds all of her deadlines while preserving the integrity of the design and the client's brand.
Holly views every title and each client as "most important" and enthusiastically works to exceed goals and expectations. She works with her team of designers to skillfully blend various styles resulting in high quality publications that stand apart from the competition.
She tasks herself with consistently monitoring our competition and collaborates with members of our management team to ensure that VistaGraphics stays ahead of the curve—especially with regard to technological advances, design techniques and print and press industry standards.
Holly is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a BA in Arts.

David Uhrin - Creative Director, VistaGraphics, Hampton Roads Magazine,
Virginia Wine Lover

David Uhrin has been with a part of the VistaGraphics team since fall of 1996.
In 2001 he took on the role as Art Director for Hampton Roads Magazine, and in 2008 additionally for Virginia Wine Lover. By 2011 he was named Creative Director of VistaGraphics. His newest title involves him once again with the Visitor Guide publications as well as the lifestyle publications he has grown to love over the past 10 years.
David's artistic influence is seen on the covers of the magazines to the editorial layouts and many advertisements within the publications. He has also become familiar behind the lens, as his photos can be seen on the pages of nearly all the publications VistaGraphics publishes.
David obtained his BFA from Kutztown University's Communication Design program in Pennsylvania, with a focus semester at Buckinghamshire, England for editorial design.

Jim Pile, Director of Photography
Jim Pile has worked for VistaGraphics since 1985. He is responsible for creating sets and taking both editorial and advertising photographs. His work takes him to all markets as needed to take necessary photographs.
Originally, Jim worked in all film formats, from 35mm to 8x10 view cameras. Today, he shoots exclusively with a digital Nikon system. He has worked in Photoshop since version 2, enhancing images or creating special effects.
Jim is also a creative copy writer and has even taught a course in Advertising at Hampton University. He began his career in still photography in 1980, and at the same time served as Partner and Creative Director at an advertising agency, Fisher-Pile Advertising in Newport News until 1992.
Jim has a B.A. Degree from Gettysburg College, an M.Div. from Drew University, and an M.S. in Communications from Syracuse University.

Angela Blue, Assistant Editor
Angela Blue joined Vista Graphics in 2010 as the assistant editor, and within less than a year, she was promoted to associate and web editor. She writes and edits editorial content for Hampton Roads Magazine and Hampton Roads Bride, manages editorial content for Visitor Guides and compiles the e-newsletters for Hampton Roads Magazine, e-Dish, Virginia Wine Lover Magazine and Hampton Roads Bride. She also manages the internship program, reviewing future possible candidates and assigning tasks to current interns, allowing them to gain experience in the magazine industry. Angela is originally from Chase City, VA and moved to Hampton Roads to attend ODU where she obtained a BA in English with an emphasis in Journalism.

My Nguyen, Web Marketing and Promotions Manager
My Nguyen joined VistaGraphics in August of 2011 as Web Marketing and Promotions Manager. She brings a passion for social media, search engine optimization, online networking, and discovering all of the ways that companies and organizations can best utilize the web.
My is currently in charge of promoting and marketing VistaGraphics through social media networking and all forms of online advertising, in addition to maintaining the content on the company's various web sites. Additionally, My works with the editorial and advertising departments to run online surveys, contests and polls to recognize notable individuals, companies and events in the Hampton Roads area and to allow readers to voice their opinions in a new outlet. This position enables her to interact directly with readers and to inform them about special events, deals, and offerings.
My is a Hampton Roads transplant, moving from Charleston, South Carolina to take this position. She is a graduate of Elon University, with a BA in Print/Online Journalism and a minor in Multimedia Authoring.

Chris Murphy, Web Creative Director
Chris Murphy began her career with VistaGraphics in 1994. Throughout the years she has worn several hats such as Art Director and Lead Designer. By 2009 she made the transition into the web department as the Web Creative Director. Intermingled with her growing web duties, Chris still serves as a Lead Designer on multiple print publications. She has achieved great success in her position through her dedication to assessing, understanding and anticipating client needs and works closely with several of our Convention and Visitors Bureaus, as well as other DMOs. Her strong communication and commitment to exceptional service has helped her exceed many of our customer's expectations.
As Web Creative Director, Chris works closely with the Web Developer to design all in-house websites while maintaining all online and web needs. She also quotes, designs and develops websites for our client base.
Chris is a graduate of Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design.

Kristy Cogdill, Web Developer, Site Administrator
Kristy Cogdill recently joined the VistaGraphics team as our company Web Developer. She works closely with the Web Creative Director to design and develop frameworks and mockups for clients with description of layout structure as well as updating and maintaining our in-house websites. Her background in web development, responsive web design dynamics, and her extensive knowledge of creating and monitoring Google Analytics and SEO results for our client base are definite assets for meeting VistaGraphics' online web needs.
She is also in charge of staying abreast of emerging web technologies and design practices, developing and maintaining a strong web 2.0 presence. Kristy brings a wealth of knowledge, communication skills, database administration skills as well as Site Administration skills to her position at VistagGraphics. Her daily Site Administrator duties include monitoring all systems and software currently utilized by the company on local and wide area networks.
Kristy is a graduate of Ivy Tech Community College in Sound Ben, Indiana, with an Associates of Applied Science - Visual Communications for Web Design and Web Development.

Robin Cather, Production Manager
Robin Cather works closely with the Publisher, Art Director, Creative Director, Sales Team and Vendors to ensure on-time delivery of a quality product. She also secures cost-effective resources (paper, printing/production, shipping) for all magazines and special projects.
Robin has worked in the magazine industry for 20 years and has former experience in editorial, art and accounting allowing her to utilize her knowledge of the magazine production process from start to finish. She has been with VistaGraphics for 10 years starting as a Traffic Manager and moving to Production Manager in 2003.
Robin is a graduate of Old Dominion University with a BSBA in Finance.

Stacy Graef, Production Director
Stacy Graef began her career with VistaGraphics in 1997. Since that time, she has worked in the Customer Service, Sales and Production Departments. By 2012, she took over the role of Production Director where she traffics an efficient work process that connects the sales and production teams. She currently serves as Production Director for more than 35 titles that span 5 states. Her knowledge and previous experience at VistaGraphics, gives her the capability of controlling quality for all of our publications by closely monitoring both content and advertising.
Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Stacy attended West Chester University where she completed her Bachelors degree. After traveling the east coast living in various states, she has come back to Virginia Beach calling it her home.

Kip Ruposky, Distribution Manager
Kip Ruposky joined the VistaGraphics family in 2000 as a Distribution Specialist in our Northern Virginia market and was quickly promoted to Account Executive and then Distribution Manager. His extraordinary organizational skills and sincere emphasis on customer service left a lasting impression. Kip's approach to distributors is to treat them as the customers that they are. His consistent service has earned him the respect of all our clients and distributors and has afforded him valued relationships along the way.
As Distribution Manager, Kip is charged with the overall disbursement and delivery of more than 30 VistaGraphics titles that span a five-state region and manages a ten person distribution staff. Based out of our corporate headquarters, he ensures the successful placement and delivery of more than a million and a half magazines each year.